Short Phrase Translation/Conversion

Do you wish to have a Japanese Kanji symbol tattoo representing you favorite short phrase that has influenced your lifestyle, value, or personality, rather than picking just one or two Kanji characeters?

We recognize that some people think that one Kanji symbol is not enough for them to perfectly express who they are, although it is also true that there are other people who prefer having just one character or two as a tattoo design. This is just a matter of choice.

If you are interested in converting a short phrase into Japanese symbols, it's quite important for you to find a professional Japanese translator like us who can make sure everything is done 100% correctly. For example, "I love you" can be translated into several ways depending on the sex of the speaker, and so forth. That's why it's important to get your job done by one knows the Japanese writing system very well.

You will get the enlarged CLEAR graphic images (width 3508 X height 2480 pixels, HIGH RESOLUTION - 300dpi) of these Kanji symbols delivered in a calligraphy style font, so that you can use them for your tattoo design, gift, artwork, stickers, advertisement, and whatever they are.