Numerology of the bible book

There are many numbers in bible that are having secret powers and symbolism. Numerology of bible book is not that easy to understand as the hidden meaning of the numerology of bible book is something that needs a lot of faith and learning to understand. Not many casual readers and common people are able to understand these concepts of numbers. The numerology of the bible book when understood, it gives certain great powers and helps a person in lot many ways. If you turn over the pages of past time, you will come to know that many great minds, thinkers, scholars, scientists and achievers such as Newton, Einstein, Leonardo de Vinci and others were able to understand the hidden concept of the numerology of the bible book them reveals hidden power and knowledge to those people with which they were able to have so much popularity on their names.

The hidden powers of numbers in bible in not something that is new for the world. For long, Christian, Jewish people know the importance and relevance of the numbers in bible. Since the Babylonian times, the hidden powers of numbers in bible are known to men and they are using it from that time. There are many numbers that are associated with bible.

Many numbers are thought to have different powers representing different scheme. But there are few numbers that have great importance and are sure to have hidden secret powers and meanings to them, 13 of these numbers are most renowned which are: 1, 4, 5, 2, 3, 7, 6, 10, 40, 12, 50, 70, 49. Although the powers of these numbers are not known to many of the common people and casual readers, but people who take keen interest in religious affairs and have great knowledge and enthusiasm for bible they are sure to have knowledge of the hidden powers of these numbers.