Study of Numerology In The Bible

Numerology is the art of forecasting and giving some sort of information about the future, there are a number of people all across the world who strongly believe in the science of numerology but on the other hand there are several people who strongly oppose it i.e. they do not consider it as the tool that can predict or forecast future or tell anything about any person. For such types of people it is recommended that they should go and have a look at the bible as there are numerous evidences in it that indicates that numerology in the bible exists in actual and it is not just a tool for making the people fool.

Bible is the living and most supportive tool that clarifies that the interference of numbers in the human life has been in existence from the very beginning of the men the kind as there are several evidences that are present in the bible that links up the numerology to the day to day life of an individual. The bible in itself is a complete story that is based on the numbers and the figures and therefore it can easily remove all sorts of discrepancies about the numbers and can easily convince those who believe that numerology has no affect on the human life.

Numerology plays a vital role in the lives of any person and that is quit clear with the numerology in the bible. According to the numerology in the bible, in the Genesis 1: 5 it is stated that God is the creator of all the things and He created the entire universe in just one day and it was the very first day, after that God created all the other things such as the moon, sun, stars and all the creatures that are present in the universe and all those things that were left were created on the seventh day of the creation of the universe. Both one and seven and all the numbers in between gives of the same meaning that are in the numerology.